Christine (Dirkschneider) Ballard's love for photography began over 20 years ago when she stepped foot into her first photography course at Buena Vista University, where she began her formal photographic training.  Since then, she has been completely captivated by the art form and has had the opportunity to develop her own unique style and technique.  She specializes in creating exceptional candid, emotional, and unforgettable moments for her clients to cherish forever.  Her expertise is not limited just to representing the living form, as she is an accomplished commercial property, real estate property, and print photographer as well.  Over the years, Christine's work has been featured in numerous print publications, billboards, websites, etc. Some of them include The Little Book of Shocking Food Facts, Omaha MagazineNatural Fitness MagazineWomen's Edition magazine, Flea Market Decor magazine, ReadyMade magazine, Boutique 1 magazine, Houzz, Denver CRAVE, and Luxe magazine, and many more.